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Vintage Chef Knife Roll


Providing durability and portability, the chef knife roll bag offers 13 slots that can be used by chefs of all skill levels.

Whether you find yourself in the kitchen for work, for pleasure or for nourishment, the latest product from MWSB Inc. is beneficial to all. The 13-slot chef knife roll bag can store 10 knives, three kitchen utensils and has a zipper.

MWSB Inc. was founded in 2005 to provide a variety of products across both ecommerce and brick & mortar platforms. “It takes a great deal of research to find products that we think provide solid value to either the consumer and business segments of the market,” said Mike Winicki, President of MWSB Inc.

Constructed of durable waxed canvas, you won’t have to worry about knives sliding or ripping the bag offers cut and puncture resistance to provide both durability and safety for years to come.

Each bag is made of professional-grade materials and in addition to knives, can store additional kitchen accessories that include paring, carving, ceramic, scissors and any other kitchen utensils or tools. The additional three slots are ideally built for tasting spoons or other smaller tools.

The bag also features a shoulder strap to make carrying and transporting easy for all users, whether you’re going to work, culinary school, camping or barbequing. Knives are not included in the purchase of this bag.

With the ability to hold knives up to 18” in length and even a knife sharpener, the design allows for quick and easy storage by forming a tight roll when bucked.

“The great thing about the knife roll bag is that it isn’t specific to culinary experts, but instead can be enjoyed by all people that enjoy spending time in the kitchen,” Winicki said. “This is the perfect item for those who take pride in their kitchen utensils and tools, and want to keep them safe, secure and in one place.”