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Portable White Board


Great for home, office, school, dorm room or game room, this mobile dry erase board from MWSB Inc. provides versatility and durability that will provide hours of enjoyment and productivity.

It’s up to you how the mobile dry erase board will be used, but the 40” by 28” magnetic whiteboard is easy to use and even easier to move across a room or across town.

Each order of the product will come with one mobile dry erase board, one dry eraser and one 25-sheet flipchart paper pad. The paper pad can be hung from the plastic hooks or clipped with the elastic clamp on the board, to deliver an alternative use.

By being able to move the flipchart hooks, elastic clip and market tray, it is easy to keep everything on the board organized and to your preferred specifications.

The magnetic writing surface is made of a durable and smooth three-layer paint coating surface that is easy to dry wipe all dry-erase markers. Thanks to the magnetic surface, all it takes is a magnet to attach additional paper or photos.

Whether it is for a work presentation or a game of Pictionary, the flip paper pad and dry erase writing surface provide simple versatility for all users.

More than just mobile, the dry erase board is stable and safe as its rounded base features five universal wheels makes it easy to move. Casters with locking brakes can also lock the wheels to keep the board stable while in use. There is no need to worry about this item being a safety concern in the presence of young children.

With the adjustable height of the board ranging from 63 up to 78.5 inches, any user can enjoy a comfortable position as they use the board.

MWSB Inc. was founded in 2005 to provide a variety of products across both ecommerce and brick & mortar platforms. “It takes a great deal of research to find products that we think provide solid value to either the consumer and business segments of the market,” said Mike Winicki, President of MWSB Inc.

“We are proud to have another product that can be used on a daily basis by people in any way that they wish,” Winicki said. “Whether it is for work, play or both, the mobile dry erase board provides a level of reliability and mobility like no other.”